Step Free Access at Ladbroke Grove Tube Station

As the MP for Kensington, I strongly support plans to deliver step-free access to Ladbroke Grove Station.

I am glad that Kensington and Chelsea Council has pledged £12 million to this project already, and if seeking a further £20 million from Government as part of a levelling-up bid.

Step-free access at Ladbroke Grove station is important to my constituents in the effort to level up North Kensington. Currently, the nearest station with step-free access is Paddington, which has very few bus connections with the north of the borough. Step-free access could go one step further in ensuring the 34,000 residents within a 1km distance to the station have equal access and opportunity. The station is in close proximity to St Charles’ Hospital and step-free access would be a huge boon for local disabled residents.

Nobody should be disadvantaged by their mobility levels or circumstance; we the undersigned support the delivery of step-free access at Ladbroke Grove Station.

Step Free Access

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