Redevelopment Which Delivers for Kensington

We need more housing but any new developments must be in keeping with our skyline and conservation areas.

I will continue to campaign against unfit development around South Kensington Tube Station and monitor new developments in Earl's Court and Ladbroke Grove.

As your Member of Parliament, I will:

Engage with Residents: I'll hold regular town hall meetings, surveys, and establish open lines of communication to hear your concerns and aspirations.

Work with Local Authorities: I'll collaborate with the borough council and planning department to ensure development plans align with community needs and preferences.

Thorough Research and Analysis: I'll personally review architectural plans, environmental impact assessments, and historical preservation considerations to make informed decisions.

Campaign for Alternatives: If a development plan doesn't suit our community, I'll actively advocate for alternative solutions that preserve our cultural heritage and unique character.

Foster Collaboration: I'll bring developers and residents together, acting as a mediator and facilitator to find common ground and ensure new developments meet community needs.

Together, we can preserve Kensington's identity, protect our green spaces, and ensure that development aligns with our community's interests. 


Earl's Court Development - New Masterplan!

Last week, I met with Earl’s Court Development Company (ECDC) to discuss their revised masterplan of the Earl’s Court Development which aims to deliver over 4,000 new homes to the area. We discussed a range of topics including green space, building height, deliveries, parking, community spaces an