Redevelopment which delivers for Kensington

Resident-Centred Redevelopment for Kensington


As MP for Kensington I of course welcome inward investment. As the smallest borough in London, and one of the most densely populated areas in the country, space is a prized commodity. 

To that end, new homes, public services and businesses are welcome - subject to the wishes of local residents. 

I am clear that these redevelopments must: 


✔️ Reflect the needs of residents, with many having lived in the area for generations 

✔️ Proceed following appropriate and accessible consultations 

✔️ Resemble and echo the historical character of our community

✔️ Ensure those in wheelchairs, those with pushchairs or other mobility constraints are accounted for 


Too often redevelopments: 


❌ Fail to deliver good, safe homes for local residents 

❌ Ignore the submissions of local residents to consultations 

❌ Include generic, undistinguished architecture which compromises the heritage of Kensington 

❌ Fail to deliver green spaces and landscapes that can be utilised by local residents