Keep Access to Community Banking

NatWest are planning to close their Notting Hill Gate and South Kensington bank branches. 

I am worried that these closures will limit access to vital banking services that require face to face appointments, disproportionately affecting some of the most vulnerable members of our society: the elderly, the disabled, victims of fraud, those reliant on benefits and those with mental health vulnerabilities.

This is particularly concerning in the wake of several closures in recent years including Barclay's South Kensington branch, Lloyd's Knightsbridge branch, and HSBC's High Street Kensington Branch. 

Residents and local businesses are concerned that these closures threaten our access to important in-person banking services.

That's why NatWest need to alleviate the impact of these latest closures. 

I am calling on NatWest to set up community pop-up banks in South Kensington and Notting Hill to continue providing residents and businesses with access to the vital services they need. 

Community pop-up banks are available for up to 12 weeks after a branch closure and provide customers with access to mobile and online banking registration, depositing cash or cheques, cost of living support, making payments and information about their productions and services. You can read more about them here.

Our campaign is backed by Age UK Kensington and Chelsea who said: "We are very concerned about the numbers of bank branches closing.  Many older people rely on local branches to manage their finances and it is crucial that face to face facilities remain."



Petition to NatWest on bank closures

We, the undersigned, call on NatWest to open a community pop-up bank in Kensington to alleviate the impact of closing their South Kensington and Notting Hill Gate branches.