Save Same Day Access to your GP Surgery

The local NHS (North West London Integrated Care Board) has announced plans to introduce ‘same day access hubs’ to triage patients seeking a same day appointment with their GP.

This means that only residents with ‘complex long-term conditions’ will be guaranteed treatment by their own GP surgery. Other patients’ calls will be directed to these hubs where they will be assigned to a pharmacist, physiotherapist or a GP (but not necessarily their own GP).

I believe that we need to retain the link between patients and their GP surgeries.  I am very concerned by the lack of consultation on these far-reaching proposals.

I am calling on residents to join my campaign to ensure that there is a full consultation with patients and GPs before any changes are implemented and that we keep the link between patients and their GP surgeries.


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I have concerns with the proposals for the following primary reasons:

  1. GPs and patients have not been consulted on these proposals.
  2. Patients will lose continuity of care with their local GP practices.
  3. The person doing the triage at the area hub may not be a doctor but someone with lower qualifications.
  4. Patients may have to travel further to a different practice or other medical provider to receive treatment.
  5. This is likely to put more pressure on A&E as patients not offered a GP appointment may present at A&E.


Felicity Buchan MP: ‘We need to retain the link between patients and their GP surgeries. The local NHS need to consult doctors and patients on these far-reaching proposals to ensure we continue to deliver high quality primary care here in Kensington.’

West London GP: ‘Triage by receptionists in hubs away from our own doctors’ surgeries breaks continuity of care and we need to simplify our access in the NHS, not add further confusion and replace doctors with call centres’.

Golborne Medical Centre GP: ‘Same day access hubs threaten the quality and safety of primary care by replacing your GP with a non-doctor who does not know you, in a separate location from your general practice and who is not professionally accountable’.

Cllr Josh Rendall, RBKC Lead Member for Health and Adult Social Care: ‘This proposal by the local NHS is confusing and unclear. It’s causing great concern for GPs, patients, and other service users. I’m supporting Felicity’s campaign to ensure the local NHS is clear what it wants to achieve and to urge them to publicly meet with residents so they can put their proposals forward for open consultation’.

Cllr Lucy Knight: ‘I am very glad that ICS leaders have listened to the voices of residents, GPs and patients and pressed pause on their same-day access plans that were due to be rolled out. They must now take the time to properly engage and listen, so we can ensure this new model of care is one that is co-produced by those that know primary care best.’


Other Background Information

The plans were announced by North West London NHS in February and were originally intended to come into effect in April. After pressure from GPs, local patients and me that has been delayed by a year making it no longer mandatory for primary care networks to implement the proposals. However, the local NHS has not committed to a proper consultation and has not rolled back their plans.

The local NHS has said there is a national imperative driving their decision to move towards same day access hubs. I wrote to the Department for Health and Social Care seeking clarification on this point. I received a reply from Andrea Leadsom MP.

In that reply the Minister states:

 ‘The Department and NHSE do not encourage ICBs to implement any particular model and our position remains that these decisions must be made by clinical staff locally, taking into consideration patient choice and incorporating stakeholder feedback gathered when testing new models.’



Pulse Today reveal local plans for same day access hubs – February 7th


NHS officially announce plans on their website – February 22nd


NHS issue update to their initial announcement outlining adjustments and clarification – March 6th


Pulse Today releases update on the plans including local NHS claims of a national imperative – March 21st


Andrea Leadsom MP writes to Felicity Buchan MP – March 27th

LINK: Minister Writes to Felicity Buchan MP on GP Same Day Access | Felicity Buchan



Petition to the North West London NHS

We, the undersigned, call on the local NHS to retain the link between patients and their GP surgeries and consult fully on their proposals to introduce 'same day access hubs'.