Stop TfL's Proposed Holland Park Roundabout Cycle Lane

TfL is running a consultation on whether to introduce a new cycle lane on Holland Park Roundabout. The consultation closes on March 3rd and you can email TfL at or respond to the consultation here. I encourage you to email TfL.

I am calling on residents to join my campaign to stop TfL's proposed cycle lane on Holland Park Roundabout. My campaign is supported by RBKC, Tony Devenish AM and Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea. In addition, local Residents’ Associations have renewed their longstanding campaign against TfL’s plans to create segregated cycleways on Holland Park Avenue, Notting Hill Gate and now Holland Park Roundabout.

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cycle lane

Map shows new bike crossings (white dotted lines) and new two-way cycle lane (beige pathway). Left to right: Holland Park Avenue, Holland Road, Shepherd’s Bush Green.

The changes TfL would like to make include (view detailed slides here):

  • Reducing Traffic lanes on Holland Park Avenue heading Westbound from three to two lanes on approach to the junction.
  • Removing the innermost traffic lane from the Holland Park Avenue Junction to the Holland Road Junction on the Roundabout itself.
  • Removing a lane of traffic heading Westbound on Shepherd’s Bush Green.
  • Introducing a two-way cycle lane from Holland Park Avenue along the southern side of Holland Park Roundabout to the eastern side of Shepherd’s Bush Green.
  • Introducing a priority bus lane heading Westbound on Shepherd’s Bush Green.
  • Introducing bike crossings with separate cycle signals at existing traffic lights at junctions.

TfL proposes to keep the existing cycling infrastructure along the pavement on the south side of the roundabout and in the north side underpass. This new scheme is in addition.

While we all want to see more active travel in Kensington, including walking and cycling, new cycling schemes must balance the needs of all stakeholders, including pedestrians, bus users, local businesses, local residents and other road users.  

I want to ensure the safety of cyclists, and I am supportive of measures to improve cycling safety but I do not believe this scheme gets that balance right.

I am opposing TfL’s proposals for the following primary reasons:

1. Impact on traffic flows – this scheme will increase congestion on Holland Park Avenue, Notting Hill Gate, Holland Road, Holland Park Roundabout, Shepherd’s Bush Green and West Cross Route and have a knock-on effect on traffic across the Borough.

2. Increased air pollution - increased congestion will lead to increases in air pollution.

3. Damage to local businesses - heavy traffic on Holland Park Avenue will discourage residents and non-residents from shopping on Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate, risking the viability of some of the businesses.

4. Traffic displacement onto side streets - heavy traffic on main roads will encourage motorists to use residential side streets on either side of Holland Park Avenue, Notting Hill Gate and Holland Road, creating additional risk to pedestrians using these roads.

5. Bus and emergency vehicle journey times - increased congestion will lead to longer journey times for bus users and emergency vehicles, disproportionately affecting elderly and disabled people as well as those in need of medical attention.

6. Existing cycling facilities - there is already cycling infrastructure on the roundabout to support cycling which made up 4.5% of London journeys in 2022.

7. Precursor to extension - if approved, we believe this scheme will be used as a precursor to reignite controversial plans to extend the cycle highway up Holland Park Avenue and Notting Hill Gate.


Felicity Buchan MP: “While I am supportive of cycling and improving cycling safety, this scheme is ill-thought through. It will lead to increased traffic congestion, increased pollution, and traffic displacement to residential side streets. I am therefore opposing the scheme.”

Cllr Cem Kemahli: “This scheme works for TFL but fails for the residents of RBKC - we cannot support more restrictions on the efficient flow of traffic on our network.”

Tony Devenish AM: “TfL’s latest proposals to remove lanes of traffic to make way for a new cycle lane on Holland Park Roundabout will lead to more congestion, not less. With existing cycling infrastructure already in place on the roundabout, I have to oppose these plans which will lead to more tailbacks on our roads.”

Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea: "We appreciate TfL’s aims to encourage cycling but we believe this scheme will lead to more traffic congestion while disadvantaging disabled and visually impaired people who disproportionately rely on public transport and safe pathways for pedestrians."

Stop the Proposed TfL Holland Park Roundabout Cycle Lane

We, the undersigned, call on TfL to scrap their plans for the proposed new cycle lane on Holland Park Roundabout